Our study entitled "Eosinophils regulate adipose tissue inflammation and sustain physical and immunological fitness in old age" has been published in Nature Metabolism. This has been an incredibly exciting collaboration with excellent national and international colleagues in the fields of aging, neuroscience, tumor and bone biology, infectiology, visceral surgery and immunology. We thank and congratulate the lead author Dr. Daniel Brigger from our Lab and all other contributors for this exceptional piece of work! The study has been co-led by Dr. Mario Noti (formerly: Institute of Pathology at the University of Bern; currently: Department of Gastrointestinal Health, Immunology, Nestlé Research) and funded by the VELUX STIFTUNG, the FONDATION ACTERIA as well as the FreeNovation and biological-medical research programs from Novartis. 

We also thank Prof. Chih-Hao Lee from Harvard University for highlighting this study in an additional News and Views article!

- Report from the local TV broadcasting station TeleBärn.



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